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Big Time Garbage

Dec 10, 2018

we dive deep into blain's furry/otherkin news stories he found. Should you use your dads funeral as a good time to come out as a human pup? 


we also talk about kevin hart's controversial tweets from 600 years ago that kept him from hosting that dumb ass award show.


also we talk about baby it's cold outside, that...

Nov 21, 2018

topics on this episode include substitute teaching, jackin' off, listener mail, oceans 8, hair plugs, scandinavia, voting, and all types of other shit.



we've been getting way too drunk on these recent episodes, so there's a bunch of unreleased, unlistenable content. let me know if you want it. 

Nov 12, 2018

we talk death, drugs, religion and all other types of rowdy shit. 

Nov 5, 2018

Connor Mead is our guest. We're talkin' sleep paralysis. we're talkin' nocturnal emissions. we're talkin first experiences doing stand up comedy. We're talkin' comedy clubs. We're talkin' all types of shit. We're talkin church. We're talkin' brief drop in's from Genivieve and Mike Boone. Subscribe, leave a review,...

Oct 28, 2018

On this episode we are exposed to yet another extremely good saga from the life of Mat Richards. BUT FIRST, a little talk about white supremacy, the maga bomber, memes and just riff city, buddy. 


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