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Big Time Garbage

Jun 30, 2017

Overview of this episode: Impeach Hitler. Artificial Intelligence is good. or bad. IDK. I love apps and steve jobs. Ray did a Brett impression the whole time. Brett did a ray impression the whole time, and Blain switched back and forth. wow. what a flim flam.


Jun 28, 2017

Blain bombs at comedy a lot, we all know this. we had his childhood friend RT on the podcast to confirm. Also in this episode Brett does his Ray Hollifield impresssion, and Ray does his Brett impression. We talk about tv for most of this. and wrestling. crap I don't really know about.


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Jun 22, 2017

Our pal Jeff Horste joins us to talk about how stupid expensive shoes are. Luxury is bad, everybody. we also talk heckling stories, guns, and tell jokes. oh yeah we learned that the "chicken cross the road" is the first example of alt comedy

go see jeff horste this weekend at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle 

Jun 17, 2017

Cinema Roast Champions Big Time Garbage is back with a brand new episode.

our pal Zach Stein is in town from hollyweed.

he regales us with a never before heard story about his interaction with a sex worker (big time garbage exclusive)

we also talk about air bud again.

Brett is silent protesting the podcast due to BTG's...

Jun 15, 2017

our pals the Banana Twins (Sam Evans and Mike Cronin) stop by the cat ranch on their tour of America. The Banana Twins talk about their true feelings of Detroit, and reveal whether or not they’re fuckin’.


In this episode Brett learns how to properly construct a BTG acronym. We chat about sharia law and...