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Big Time Garbage

Mar 11, 2019

The full name of this episode is "Riley Lassin and Bart went on tour and opened up for Dave Stone in Kalamazoo, and a bunch of box got thrown at bart, but bart couldn't do anything about the box, but riley could, but she didn't, and long story short bart slept on the floor with a comforter he brought cause he's not a real Road Dog"


Riley Lassin is our guest this week. She stopped by the studio on National Women's day to talk with us about important matters like Batman; her mini-tour with bart; doing comedy in detroit vs ny;. We chat about National Women's day shit, and by that i mean bart and blain argue about whether or not you can get pregnant while on your period and blain tests a theory about chokers. real womens day shit.  


we also discuss our trip to Grand Rapids for the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest (we all lost, but we actually won because of how much fun we had :)) and we talk about the video of bart trying to talk his way out of a flubbed transition. real good stuff there.


PLUS a comprehensive theory of Shirt-Theory as it applies to stand up comedy. 


thanks for listening. go follow riley and us and tell your friends to listen. ok