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Big Time Garbage

Dec 18, 2017

Ray died, so we're talkin apps, flat earth, hollywood celebs, oh yeah we cover it all. 


our guest is Brad Wenzel and Brad Wenzel's Driver (Mike Szar)





Dec 11, 2017

Recorded at the very last show of Big Time Garbage Festival, this episode is a play by play of Brett losing cinema roast crunch to his non-comic friend Kyle. The movie "Over the Top" starring Sylvester Stallone is playing in the background.


We talk to Alex about being caught having sex, and the solution to Blain's...

Dec 4, 2017

Thanks for listening. This one's with our bud Alex. We talk about the news and shit. 

Nov 29, 2017

Bart Dangus of the extremely popular show "prankis" joins us for a long conversation about the craft of standing up comedy. We also talk about that NYT story about the Normal Nazi™


Ray died. if you wanna hear ray go listen to the Glory Friends podcast.


This is a swapcast with Something O'er The Hill, Bart's...

Nov 20, 2017

Just the OG gang on this episode of The Only Good Podcast™

we discuss instagram models, our old haircuts, Lil Peep, Al Franken Roy Moore, and ya know, whats goin on in our comedy lives. 


this episode includes a detailed run-down of what's happening at Big Time Garbage Fest. Todd Barry, Leonard Outz, Kurt...