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Big Time Garbage

Aug 31, 2017

Former stand up and current non-stand up comedian Alex Quail does this thing called "improv". He stops by Controversial Studios Florida to teach us how to Improv. We do some scenes. It's fun, bro. We talk about comedy and stuff, and then a bunch of boring stuff like Donald Trump and Taylor Swift. Then we make fun...

Aug 28, 2017

full breakdown of the mcgreggor/mayweather fight.

A rundown of the netflix movie "the founder".  

an in depth analysis of the kaepernick situation.


we talk about it all with detroit comedian Josh Adams. follow josh 

Aug 24, 2017

The gang is back together to discuss music, nazis (again) being on boats and being bad boiz. 


John Mahar is back


we mention the fact that Ray's daughter lost everything in a house fire, if you wanna donate to help her get through this follow this

Aug 17, 2017

Blain and Ray talked with Wes Ward about wrestling. Brett died in the most "brett" way possible (wink). just kidding. he's out in Brooklyn covering Summer Slam as our field correspondent.


we talk to john cena. which was cool

Aug 14, 2017

Mat talks all about his tinder fun. 

We talk about nazis and stuff. 

we talk about a surgery that makes you taller

Ray smoked weed haha.

this one was smooth, hun.