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Big Time Garbage

Sep 28, 2017

Ever wonder what happens between recordings? find out what it's like to be hanging out in controversial studios, florida. unreleased riffs, convos, and just straight up industry talk. featuring: wes ward, mat richards, gad holland, sam rager, josh adams, zach stein, alex, and of course, the normal regular hosts. 

Sep 25, 2017

live from the motor city comedy festival. don't have time to write a description, so you'll just have to listen. also: i don't think we actually disrespected the flag. 

guests: Mike o'Keefe, Nate Fridson, and Tanner Oliver

Sep 21, 2017

our good pal and friend of the show mat richards went to the strip club alone, so we laugh about that for like an hour and a half. funny episode. thanks for listening

Sep 18, 2017

Kai Quix joins us to talk about the Juggalo/MAGA dork clash that didn't go down as predicted. we also chat about musicians who are monsters. some comedy talk and of course a little chat about friend of the show, Kid Rock. Good good episode. check it out, 

Sep 14, 2017

We talk abdominal muscles, twitter beefs that reese has had with the BTG game, Reese's Grinder account and all things comedy. Toledo's own Reese Leonard is the guest. Fuck with it, gang.