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Big Time Garbage

Mar 26, 2018

Mike Recine (Conan, Comedy Central) joins us to talk about his uniquely Detroit experience of seeing a child get verbally abused by his father at a pizza restaurant. We also talk about comedy in the age of Trump, teachers hooking up with students, conspiracy shit, and we list all the disney villains who were gay.


Mar 19, 2018

Comedian, Friend, and (most importantly) fan of the show Mike Szar (Stand Up Comedian from Toledo) joins us to talk about how mania begets creativity, and how biorhythmic ups and downs affect stand up comedy as a creative output. This leads to a discussion about how pop psychology cures being sad as opposed...

Mar 12, 2018

Ray died, so we replaced him with Mike "Thunder" Bobbitt, and Ken Witzgall. We talk all kinds of shit about stuff. don't miss it, gang. there was some long riff about how kylie jenner tanked an entire tech company with an offhand comment. that was good. 


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Mar 5, 2018

Zach Stein is our guest. We talk all kinds of wild shit. It was, for lack of a better term, a good episode.


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