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Big Time Garbage

Dec 30, 2019

We're Back. Joe's Back. Holidays. Should I become a car guy? Joe's van died. He built a bed in there. The decade is coming to a close. What were the top rock songs of the decade? We count them down, and it fucking sucks. World Star Hip Hop, Jeff Epstein, Clinton Body Count, Kevin Spacey. GG Allen? Monica Lewinsky?...

Dec 23, 2019

a quick discussion about digital security, memes, joke originality, and ya know a bunch of other shit.


louis D michael is good people and his podcast is also good. it's called free consultation. 

Dec 11, 2019

ha ha.



Dec 5, 2019

Carolyn Paul is our guest. She brings the heat, and by that i mean, we all get roasted. 


I open up about the fuccboi's of comedy. bart explains why he stood me up at my birthday party. we talk work, jobs, etc. all that shit. to be honest this conversation continued far beyond where we cut off the recording so i don't...

Nov 29, 2019

we just talk about a bunch of stuff. nothing important. just bros chatting. 


the highlights are my story about not nutting, a bit about Home Alone style pranks against ICE agents, and a little melty melt down about stand up comedy. 

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