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Big Time Garbage

Jan 28, 2019

johanna medranda is our guest and we talk about her eventful day, going to music festivals, getting into fights, and really dig into a new batch of dennis miller tweets


plus: the debut of brett's great drive-through voice bit!


come to the independednt comedy club every friday and saturday

Jan 21, 2019

it's cold and snowy. we break down inspector gadget, discuss being scared of animals like dogs and birds and snakes and shit. plus: we read another dennis miller tweet.



Jan 14, 2019

Blain and bart have been threatening to race each other to see who's faster for like two weeks now and we finally talk through it. Who will win between bart and his shitty heart, and blain and his shitty diet? 

we also talk about stupid hip restaurants, the word sportsball, going through puberty, PLUS we take a trip to...

Jan 7, 2019

Eliza Godfrey joins us to talk about bad music promotion.