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Big Time Garbage

May 30, 2019




May 27, 2019

Brett and Connor went to the casino in the early hours of the morning to learn the hard truths about losing money. 

we brainstorm names for Blain's new sports podcast

we also come up wtih bart's spin-off podcast where he kisses objects and reviews how the kiss went.

great episode.

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May 22, 2019

We're back baby. just the fellas on this one. We talk about the sex strike, the snapchat filter that shifts your gender, human pups fucking in dog parks with their dicks painted red, and oh boy i go the fuck OFF on small plates, shareable style restaurants.


the conversation continues on our PATREON EXCLUSIVE...

May 9, 2019

Ericson is a LA comedian who dropped by The Indie a few weeks ago. we talk about clubs, bringers, his experience in detroit, and a wicked pitch for a movie

May 6, 2019

Jake Marshall Head came through the Independent Comedy Club this weekend and we sat down with him to talk about walking in New York, getting heckled in jacksonville, and odd themes for comedy clubs.


Check out Jake on tour and go follow his ass on twitter to see the basketball shot he took on live television