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Big Time Garbage

Oct 28, 2019

Diego is tired. Red Bull has bull cum in it. Teaching Diego what LGBT stands for. Diego played a doctor in a local commercial for a health insurance company. surviving imposter syndrome. a breakdown of Bart's stand up comedy career up until this point (he was on seinfeld). Diego also is a teacher, so he teaches us about...

Oct 18, 2019

breaking news. bart cum'd in his sleep and we talk about it. 


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our guest is johanna medranda. catch johanna, carolyn, and connor all around the country on the Hell Yeah tour, coming...

Oct 8, 2019

after a brief private conversation about the joker, me and bart devise a twisted prank to play on our guest Jeff Horste and our cohost Blain Hill. unfortunately i forgot about the bit, so there are some weird moments where I'm like uh what?

ok but most of the episode is spent talking about the american diet, going...

Oct 2, 2019

family-based pornography. the rise of fascism. global warming. God. Cult of personality surrounding trump. PLUS a big discussion on music, musical irony poisoning, and MUCH more.

damn this is a good episode. 


come see blain close out the Burt Sellek show tomorrow in the eastern market.