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Big Time Garbage

Nov 29, 2019

we just talk about a bunch of stuff. nothing important. just bros chatting. 


the highlights are my story about not nutting, a bit about Home Alone style pranks against ICE agents, and a little melty melt down about stand up comedy. 

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Nov 23, 2019

They did an episode without me. That’s bullshit, right?

they replaced me with Alex and John from That’s Bullshit, Right?

Listening to it now to see what they talk about. Enjoy

Nov 14, 2019

weve been talking about who's the bad boy. we finally address it publicly.


Nov 6, 2019

We're talking about love, and the people who are defined by their relationships, or lackthereof. We talk about George w Bush and Ellen Degenitals, and bart tells us a story of a dude he met on a plane. we continued this conversation and that episode will be on our patreon.


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