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Big Time Garbage

May 24, 2022

this is the audio rip from our live show at the Independent Comedy Club. Brett details the peoples history of big time garbage. Bart reveals a handful of our new sponsors. Blain lets us in on this weird guy that he's been watching, and EJ provides us with another bombastic Top 5

Mar 22, 2022

hannah roeschlein stopped by the studio after her weekend at the independent comedy club to chat about george w bush being a stand up comedian, what he did to putin's dog, and just generally vibe.    go follow everyone on websites

Mar 6, 2022

were talkin' war. bart got robbed. brett's arm fell off. blain reveals his biggest fantasy.

we are back, baby

Feb 6, 2022

Reena Calm is a comedian who started her career performing for private corporate gigs. She's entertained the big wigs at taco bell and toilet stores. She now lives on the road performing stand up comedy all across the country. I really mean that. She doesn't have an address other than her web address which is

Feb 1, 2022

sorry for talking about j*e R8goan again but he's in the zeitgeist, and what are we supposed to do?