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Big Time Garbage

Jun 22, 2017

Our pal Jeff Horste joins us to talk about how stupid expensive shoes are. Luxury is bad, everybody. we also talk heckling stories, guns, and tell jokes. oh yeah we learned that the "chicken cross the road" is the first example of alt comedy

go see jeff horste this weekend at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle 

Jun 12, 2017

Find out what our pal Brad Wenzel said about Blain. (it's bad). He also owns Brett (also bad). Then we talk about cartoon characters for like 45 mins. and we end by talking about the cartoon character ~~~in the white house~~~ 


wow political gold right there. Brad is funny. Watch him on Conan and go see him at Third...

Jun 5, 2017

Whitmer Thomas was nice enough to stop by the shitcrap studios before My Friends Comedy Show last tuesday. We talk music and famous people and whatever. 


Go see whitmer live. and follow him on twitter @

Jun 1, 2017

Our Pal Sam Rager joins us to talk about Movement festival, hacking, living in your car and a lengthy discussion of The Terminal starring Tom Hanks. Also, Sam reveals she did hacking and hacked adult friend finder or did the fappening or something.


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go see sam at the...

May 26, 2017

Our pal Alex stops by Shit-whatever Studios to discuss sports and embarrassing white people and the dead art of stand up comedy. Also he reveals something super huge in the beginning of the episode


i was gonna edit this one a bunch but I forgot.