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Big Time Garbage

Mar 19, 2018

Comedian, Friend, and (most importantly) fan of the show Mike Szar (Stand Up Comedian from Toledo) joins us to talk about how mania begets creativity, and how biorhythmic ups and downs affect stand up comedy as a creative output. This leads to a discussion about how pop psychology cures being sad as opposed to depression. How the emotional labor of stand up comedy breeds reactionaries like Owen Benjamin and Ricki Gervais. A brief discussion about the way current events are tackled in newer stand up specials.


Good chat. Be like Mike. Mike Ass Szar. He’ll be doing stand up near you real soon. go check him out.



also, check out our upcoming shows. Suck It Suicide Benefit at Smalls on April 6th. Our new show at Planet Ant every Friday. Mike Recine at Cellarmens on Thursday. Other shit. Go check it. Hell yeah. I really worked on the description this week. I hope it makes you want to listen to the podcast. Maybe even tell a friend? idk. Hell yeah. Thanks for listening.