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Big Time Garbage

Nov 6, 2017

Big Time Garbage/Glory Friends crossover episode. this is huge, folks. the BTG gang and the TGF crew join forces to make Ray choose between his two podcast.

once that comes to a thrilling conclusion we go through a whole list of headlines from the past week. we’re talking Weinstein, Spacey, Paradise Papers, Texas Shooting. We solve the biggest issues facing America today and once that’s complete Ray hits us with a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.


go listen and subscribe to both Big Time Garbage (@BigTimeGarbage) and The Glory Friends (@gloryfriendspod)


Ray Hollifield (@rayhollifield)

Blain Hill (@blainhill)

Brett Mercer (@brett_mercer_)

Laura Witkowski (not on twitter)

Alex (@Alex_Be )

Mike DaRonco (not on twitter)